Persistence of happiness, a very ridiculous thing to the same extent as we say that a snake has taken a resolution that its hood will release honeydew ,as much as I can think of is dependent on internal factors. A question that occationally penetrates my cerebellum harder than X-rays is that what is the essence of birth, its entire cycle and ultimately demise- an inevitable part. It may be because we are obstinate to go against god- our true characterisation to play the part of a clown and we are avid to make it hectic. We all are the messangers of god are here for a specific purpose. Despite knowing the purity of soul, we adorn ourselves with contemptuousness for others. None of our selves is malfunctioning, only the dermis has been contaminated with ambidextrous morals and avarice of materialistic wealth.

Everyone is darting to become acclaimed and prolific successful to lead a happy life. Is success the limitation of happiness? Each first person has a race of proving itself better to the third person. The aeon is 20 billion years old while we are just 2 million years old. A gleam of sunshine, the incense of flowers, the chirping of birds, the fragrance of wet sand are some of the things that can bring a smile on our face. To be there in all odds and evens and in every situation is something which consoles and strengthens us by abstaining us from being diffident. Hunger of commendations on carrying out any esteemed job is quite natural. Deficit of appreciation lowers our enthusiasm for our next predetermined endeavors.

A kid has no emotional attachment with one particular thing. One day it may have a craving of chocolates, the other day acute loathing for it. Likewise we are so impulsive that get fascinated by whatever charming come across us. Suppose a child has love for toy horse and it is eventually broken. With it he’ll start sobbing unless coaxed by something else. I think innocence is the happiest phase of our life as neither we expect anything from ourselves nor others do.


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