Common Sense

You do not have common sense.What actually is common sense? It is an indelible interrogative clause, that comes across my mind deliberately and it seems to remain unanswered. As much as I can think of, we have limited everything to prerequisite as if there is only one way of doing it. Let me relate you an incident. I was studying in class 4 when one day my class teacher decreed me to efface the blackboard .There were two entirely different questions written on either side. I simply rubbed the right side of the board and stood straight with chest stranded with dignity as I didn’t erase the board but the chalk adhered on it and even used the duster for the purpose. Even then I became a victim of his chides. The rage in his eyes refracted easily into my pupil and reflected back as trepidation.”Have you any common sense?”, my phonic nerves shuddered. I rued and beseeched for my fault. None of my colleagues advocated me and as a repentance and penitence I was made to write the whole on the green board as much as my optical nerve could sense.

Abdur, a ten year boy,hardly attended by his future tiger parents, broke his femur bone while executing a stunt seen in spaciously fictional and animated Balveer on Sab Television.Despite having law of solitary punishment on a flaw, he had to bear up trauma with disparage,from remarkable surroundings, of lacking intellect, what in common and in common words is known as common sense. There may be limit of lusts and universe but craziness.

In draught constraint area, where farmers were bemoaning burial of crops and no vegetation cover begged mercy.Next day none of them but one went with an umbrella irrespective of clean weather.I ask you all— Was he really insane? Certainly not. In sooth he was not a hypocrite and was ridiculed for having faith.

A man, having crossed puberty,congenitally twice half blind fortunately had a successful cornea transplantation and was more than blissful to see stars,furniture which he now want to remain away from ,attires,roads,dogs incapable of meowing,horn producing vehicles refraining him from moving outside alone, clouds whose shape absolutely unrecognizable even in delirium, his parents and foremost himself for the first time. This himself, a reflexive pronoun, has hauteur. Notwithstanding it man was considered ecstatic and maniac.

Basically common sense is the knack for doing things as they are, and doing them as they ought to be done. But as per me there is nothing like good sense but the era disparity. If it were not so a well accomplished individual of early 70’s or 80’s could have been more prudent. All over it is the sequel of accustomed to.

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