Human’s natural instinct


“Corona what do you do. Show some clemency on the world.” It is the voice of the cosmos  via my quivering throat. Each nation is groaning with anquish. It’s the human instinct. “If you do the same, what’ll be the difference between you two. It’s the deference for others that contrasts human with other communities”, I said in hallucination.

“Don’t worry I’ll not fall to that extent and I can’t even if I try even. For me they seem to be huuuuge giants and I am too small for their nude eyes to see me. The entire world is the soothsayer and it is indeed the sooth that anyone can foretell that the human race will win the battle. I’m just testing his ‘patience’, experiencing incessant deflation not with time but with machines. Each century, I sent some of my relatives and at times colleagues to beware them; they sought their existence, which we being benevolent granted them; didn’t we?? But after handling a little, fostering their veins with ecstasy of triumph, humans returned to the old configuration.”

Humans are taking god at sport considering demise as evitable. Only it has made conditions favorable for the ill-programmed microorganisms having antipathy for them. This pandemic has attacked the impulsive nature of men that does not let them alienated from each other. China, America’s successor, is very good at launching at speed of Formula 1, but this time it is altruistic enough to take the credit of its most durable item and the most expensive too.

Everyone, more correct everything for neutral human gender, wants itself to be the superlative degree adjective in good things, set by their own. Kasier William in this attempt led to First World War whose consequences were havoc all over. The sufferers copulated and reproduced a zygote of Second World War, nourished by placenta of jury judging the farmers sowing the seeds of nationalism against internationalism. The most powerful nation ended it in chaos with annihilation following Einstein’s theory.

Nature finds its own ways to checkmate humans accomplishing in white matter of brain, one who is not ready to acknowledge its debacle. It manufactures new methods of bowing down his hubris, with each past one outdated by this excellent mammal.  This time Mr. India has come with additional features that were absent in SARS- COV 1. Firstly, it does not undergo genetic mutation making vaccine origination an easy task. Secondly, mixed dilemma of worse and worst , it seldom does not show any symptom. Thirdly, if it does show symptom, it does not contrast between individuals of human blood.

Few adjectives need not to be placed before a noun as it will just work as a superfluous. Wet water, warm heat, heavy diamond, difficult rocket science, “Khurapati” human and rebooting action of nature are some such superfluouses. In the race of expertise, human has successfully moulded things as per his purport to savour each and every moment of his enterprise. Have your pinna ever perceived vibrations of sun rising from west, albeit it never rises or sets, dog’s straight tail or ecofriendly China?, then how can the omnipotent power not be prudent in creating his masterpiece?

This world is a tower of networks of networks with earth as its most capable inheritance and humans many tends to infinity gigabytes CPU memory super computers. When these robots exceeds the limit of artificial intelligence, it gets hanged with virus attack and sometimes even gets demagnetized with chip removed by the omniwhere. The dismayed robots nevertheless somehow manage their existence. They think that they possess the alchemic power to hoax god by creating elixir of life. Does this automation possess the brainy quotient of growing a tree in a glass bulb (abode in vacuum). If no, it is the time of getting alarmed before its consequences become desolating.


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