Online Education System

Education is one of the most salient features of the existence of life on earth. It is the pillar of our foundation. It equalizes  our mentality with those of the people of high order, leaps us to great heights. It builds our vision and let us look at everything with a completely different perspective. Education has been given high preference and associativity in all directions since all times. The more the people are educated, the more civilized they are, the more developed the society and the whole world will be.

Education is not just simply meant by taking or holding a degree, but it means building up the quality of rationalism, the grown imagination skills, living life in such a way that it leads to welfare of everyone and not discriminating anyone on the basis of caste, sex, color, creed and race.

During these extreme hard times, the mode of education has changed throughout. It has bounced from offline mode to online mode. It is really laudable that united resolution and contribution has tried its best to prevent any academic or any other educational loss. The online meeting applications like ‘Zoom’ and ‘Go to Meeting’ are serving as platforms of online studies. Even the primary school children are sent recorded video lectures to let their studies not be negatively influenced.

The students who are in the passing years of class 10th and class 12th and their board exams were going on, amidst which lockdown prevailed throughout world, might have lost their continuation and flow for which they might be cursing the virus and perhaps even themselves. By Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE), students of class 10th are given relaxation by abandoning their examinations. However, if we see its other phase, the students have got more time to groom up their preparations especially the ones aspiring to appear in Join Entrance Examination(JEE) this year who are further given  liberty of time by National Testing Agency(NTA) by deferring the exam till mid July.

It is better to think over the positive aspect of things because getting sticked to what wrong has happened will just degrade our abilities and annihilate our temperament. We should always remember that hard work behind the curtains gives the mindset and mettle of doing incredible things and achieving rare milestones before the crowds as well.

Every job, every errand that anyone performs actually contributes to our economy. It pays noticeably to our Gross Domestic Product(GDP). Consider the case of the most powerful countries like America. People living in this North American country are mostly immigrants. Considering the job opportunities there, people especially students of other countries visit there. Unfortunately, USA is the most infected country from Covid-19. Will people not refrain in visiting there? Will they not be grudging in any further immigration?

In the developing countries like India, where everything viz. technology, medical facilities, etc. has a comparable difference from the developed ones and digital and online infrastructure is not appreciable, the way teaching institutes handled and managed the teaching plans, schedules and some even tried taking online exams is beyond any commendation.

However, there are many shortcomings too of this methodology. Children being childish just log into the online classes and not actually attempting it. Many may remain busy in their own work like sleeping, playing online games and chatting or posting on social media sites if not properly surveilled. Healthy body has a healthy mind. Already in this contemporary era, when physical exercises and workouts are reduced highly and there is a tendency of eating unhealthy food, people are very lethargic. Besides, if online education becomes a trend, it may result in scarcity of friends, gossips, making fun, wandering and roaming in groups and may make people suffering from diseases like sleep-apnea, loss of appetite, obesity, man’s alienation from the man made world, estrangement etc. It may further lead to more exposure to the virtual world and many other deformities. This will indirectly effect their creativity and other skills in the natural world.

It has emerged as a Herculean task for the teachers. When books, copies and other stationery items are not easily available in the market because of lockdown, teachers are obligated to either take live classes, or send recorded video lectures. Some higher institutes are also organizing webinars and providing digital libraries to access e-books. Only knowledge of the subject is not enough for the faculty members; they are to be acquainted with handling electronic gadgets, making and editing PDF’s and many other essentials.

But what about the paying fees. The schools, colleges, universities and other teaching institutes charge fees to teach students offline. Why would parents pay fees other than academic viz. fees for maintenance of infrastructure, tution fees, laboratory fees etc. The owners of these teaching institutes have to pay salaries to all their staff and other workers. Why would parents pay electricity fees, hostel, mess and other charges when their wards are studying from home only.

One of the most concerning factor is that, still more than half the population of our country resides in rural areas where there is poor access to the internet. Even if there is access, the increasing internet traffic due to sharp increase in use of internet has appalled even the most prestigious IT researchers and other platform owners like Over The Top(OTT).

However, it is certain that the online mode of education is the demand of the circumstances that are existing at present and it is temporary. Everything will become normal, as soon as the death risks are either finished or reduced. Work from home in many sectors like the IT’s is not a bad option. It will not only reduce travelling time but also will be eco-friendly because lesser the vehicles on road, lesser will be the pollution.

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