A run in half stupor

Help!…..help!….I am running hither and thither across the surface and my face has turned pale and is squalling and bellowing with fright. A boulder is traversing me and it seems as if I am going to be next Ussain Boult or relativistic theory is on the verge of losing its existence.

What is this ? The cross street is losing its dimensions and is avid to become a point. All the mishaps seem to fall upon me as now three jack stones in all are following me, all in different quarters. It is indeed a modern version of the idiom :

  “A well on one side and a death pool the other”.    

             Uhh…uhh panting even worse than ever. Do I need Foracort-200? My throat is arid and is in immediate need of water. Adrenal gland is doing its errand the right way and is astonishingly providing me the essential energy. Finally one of the three stones annexed my leg and further badly throttling it. Trying hard but cannot surpass the impediment. It has mangled my bone and blood is gushing out my arteries following the law of continuity and Bernoulli’s theorem of fluids. The thirst of water and weakness is making me feel giddy with my eyes almost closed. What a miracle! lightning, thunder and rain…..three consecutive occurrences bringing in me a gleam of hope that I am under god’s surveillance and it’ll save me anyhow. With not all my power but strength I  pushed away the boulder, and amazingly succeeding this time. I run through the path I can see in half eyes, leaving wet blood marks in streamline. What is there, a doorlike and a diffraction pattern on it. Many thoughts running in my mind,… Is it an escape from death?

            Wake up! I said just wake up quickly, hurry up….lest you should be late for college. I wake up with a hue cry with beads of perspiration on my forehead making my mother more anxious. I told my mother the whole accident . Listening to my grievances with caution, she consoled me with confidence that it is thiie semblance of my valour and mettle and stubborn attitude for victory.