Online Education System

Education is one of the most salient features of the existence of life on earth. It is the pillar of our foundation. It equalizes  our mentality with those of the people of high order, leaps us to great heights. It builds our vision and let us look at everything with a completely different perspective. Education has been given high preference and associativity in all directions since all times. The more the people are educated, the more civilized they are, the more developed the society and the whole world will be.

Education is not just simply meant by taking or holding a degree, but it means building up the quality of rationalism, the grown imagination skills, living life in such a way that it leads to welfare of everyone and not discriminating anyone on the basis of caste, sex, color, creed and race.

During these extreme hard times, the mode of education has changed throughout. It has bounced from offline mode to online mode. It is really laudable that united resolution and contribution has tried its best to prevent any academic or any other educational loss. The online meeting applications like ‘Zoom’ and ‘Go to Meeting’ are serving as platforms of online studies. Even the primary school children are sent recorded video lectures to let their studies not be negatively influenced.

The students who are in the passing years of class 10th and class 12th and their board exams were going on, amidst which lockdown prevailed throughout world, might have lost their continuation and flow for which they might be cursing the virus and perhaps even themselves. By Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE), students of class 10th are given relaxation by abandoning their examinations. However, if we see its other phase, the students have got more time to groom up their preparations especially the ones aspiring to appear in Join Entrance Examination(JEE) this year who are further given  liberty of time by National Testing Agency(NTA) by deferring the exam till mid July.

It is better to think over the positive aspect of things because getting sticked to what wrong has happened will just degrade our abilities and annihilate our temperament. We should always remember that hard work behind the curtains gives the mindset and mettle of doing incredible things and achieving rare milestones before the crowds as well.

Every job, every errand that anyone performs actually contributes to our economy. It pays noticeably to our Gross Domestic Product(GDP). Consider the case of the most powerful countries like America. People living in this North American country are mostly immigrants. Considering the job opportunities there, people especially students of other countries visit there. Unfortunately, USA is the most infected country from Covid-19. Will people not refrain in visiting there? Will they not be grudging in any further immigration?

In the developing countries like India, where everything viz. technology, medical facilities, etc. has a comparable difference from the developed ones and digital and online infrastructure is not appreciable, the way teaching institutes handled and managed the teaching plans, schedules and some even tried taking online exams is beyond any commendation.

However, there are many shortcomings too of this methodology. Children being childish just log into the online classes and not actually attempting it. Many may remain busy in their own work like sleeping, playing online games and chatting or posting on social media sites if not properly surveilled. Healthy body has a healthy mind. Already in this contemporary era, when physical exercises and workouts are reduced highly and there is a tendency of eating unhealthy food, people are very lethargic. Besides, if online education becomes a trend, it may result in scarcity of friends, gossips, making fun, wandering and roaming in groups and may make people suffering from diseases like sleep-apnea, loss of appetite, obesity, man’s alienation from the man made world, estrangement etc. It may further lead to more exposure to the virtual world and many other deformities. This will indirectly effect their creativity and other skills in the natural world.

It has emerged as a Herculean task for the teachers. When books, copies and other stationery items are not easily available in the market because of lockdown, teachers are obligated to either take live classes, or send recorded video lectures. Some higher institutes are also organizing webinars and providing digital libraries to access e-books. Only knowledge of the subject is not enough for the faculty members; they are to be acquainted with handling electronic gadgets, making and editing PDF’s and many other essentials.

But what about the paying fees. The schools, colleges, universities and other teaching institutes charge fees to teach students offline. Why would parents pay fees other than academic viz. fees for maintenance of infrastructure, tution fees, laboratory fees etc. The owners of these teaching institutes have to pay salaries to all their staff and other workers. Why would parents pay electricity fees, hostel, mess and other charges when their wards are studying from home only.

One of the most concerning factor is that, still more than half the population of our country resides in rural areas where there is poor access to the internet. Even if there is access, the increasing internet traffic due to sharp increase in use of internet has appalled even the most prestigious IT researchers and other platform owners like Over The Top(OTT).

However, it is certain that the online mode of education is the demand of the circumstances that are existing at present and it is temporary. Everything will become normal, as soon as the death risks are either finished or reduced. Work from home in many sectors like the IT’s is not a bad option. It will not only reduce travelling time but also will be eco-friendly because lesser the vehicles on road, lesser will be the pollution.

विज्ञापन की होड़

क्या आपके टूथपेस्ट में नमक है? नए कोलगेट एक्टिव साल्ट मे नमक है……, असली मसाले सच- सच एमडीएच-एमडीएच…,
पहले इस्तेमाल करें फिर विश्वास करें…. अगर टाटा स्काई लगा डाला तो लाइफ झिंगालाला….
ENO- काम शुरू सिर्फ 6 सेकेंड में।।
आप लोग सोच रहे होंगे कि मैं सिरफिरा गया हूं क्या जो इस लौकडाउन में फालतू के विज्ञापन गाए जा रहा हूं। मैं आप लोगों को बता दूं कि मैं बॉखलाया नहीं हूं, बस उतावला हो रहा हूं अपने नए-नए अधूरे सामान्य ज्ञान को साझा करने के लिए।

मैं हमेशा से ही टीवी का बेहद शौकीन रहा हूं। खासतौर से बचपन में कार्टूनों का चहेता रहा हूं और अब ‘सब टीवी’ चैनल के बेहद लोकप्रिय कार्यक्रम ‘तारक मेहता का उल्टा चश्मा’ का प्रशंसक हूं। अब समय के साथ समाचारों व पारिवारिक धारावाहिकौं और फिल्मों में भी रुझान आने लगा है। पहले मैं सोचा करता था कि इन टीवी वालों को हमारी आंखों की बड़ी फिक्र है जो हर 2 मिनट में विज्ञापन दे देते हैं। वह भी एक ही चैनल पर पूरे दिन वही घिसे पिटे विज्ञापन-
कुरकुरे: टेढ़ा है पर मेरा है….. , थम्स अप:आज कुछ तूफानी करते हैं…. , मेंटोस: दिमाग की बत्ती जला दे….।।

फिर हम भोली भाली जनता, जो या तो अनपढ़ है या राजनीति और समाज के तौर तरीकों से अनभिज्ञ, का इस सब के प्रति आकर्षण विज्ञापनकर्ताओं के उद्देश्य पूरा होने में एक बड़ा कदम होता है। मैं खुद जब तक किसी ब्रांड का गुणगान 10 जगह से नहीं सुन लेता, उसकी विश्वसनीयता पर यकीन नहीं होता। सही भी है, जब तक स्वयं में कोई विशिष्टता ना हो, भीड़ में चलने में ही भलाई है।

अब समय के साथ यह समझ में आने लगा है कि कलियुग में मुंह से निकले वचनों का तो कोई मोल है नहीं इसलिए गवाहों का बोलबाला है और आज सिर्फ 4 ईंट लगाकर खोखा बना लेने मात्र से आपका सामान बिक जाएगा, इसकी कोई गारंटी नहीं होती। एक थोक विक्रेता या खुदरा व्यापारी तो व्यापार ना चलने पर दूसरा धंधा पकड़ने का जोखिम उठा भी सकता है पर जिसके बड़े-बड़े कारखाने हैं, मिले हैं, जहां सैकड़ों कर्मचारी पगार पर हैं, वे तो इसके बारे में सपने में भी नहीं सोच सकते। उनके लिए तो किसी प्रोडक्ट का ना चलना मानो पैरों तले जमीन खिसकना है। फिर वे अपना धंधा बचाने के लिए क्या कर सकते हैं?

भारत का संविधान विश्व का लिखित सबसे बड़ा संविधान है। मीडिया हमारे लोकतंत्र का चौथा स्तंभ है। यह हमें देश-विदेश में होने वाली हर छोटी-बड़ी गतिविधि से परिचित कराती है। देश में सैकड़ों समाचार एजेंसियाँ कार्यबद्ध है। इनका काम लोगों तक सही खबर पहुँचाना होता है। इन एजेंसियों में भी सैकड़ों कर्मचारी जैसे रिपोर्टर, कैमरामैन व अन्य विशेषज्ञ तैनात रहते हैं। एजेंसी के मालिक को इस सब की सुव्यवस्था व सभी के वेतन का भारी खर्चा उठाना पड़ता है। अब जो एजेंसी जितनी ठोस, जल्दी और जितनी विस्तृत जानकारी देगी, दर्शकों का उसको उतना ही अधिक प्यार व समर्थन हासिल होगा। वर्तमान में प्रिंट में ‘दैनिक जागरण’ एवं इलेक्ट्रॉनिक मीडिया में ‘आज तक’ का वर्चस्व है। इसका कारण इनकी स्वयं में ही प्रामाणिकता व विशेषता है। ‘दैनिक जागरण’ तो 2003 ईस्वी से ही नंबर-1 अखबार बना हुआ है। अब सवाल यह उठता है कि इनकी कमाई का जरिया क्या है?

अब हम टीवी पर चलते हैं। टीवी पर कई चैनल और उन पर कई कार्यक्रम प्रसारित होते हैं। हर कार्यक्रम की कई कड़ियां और हर कड़ी में कई कलाकार होते हैं। एक कार्यक्रम बनाने में उसके निर्माता को कड़ी मशक्कत करनी पड़ती है व अपना समय और मोटी रकम खर्च करनी पड़ती है। एक कार्यक्रम में पर्दे के पीछे भी कई कलाकार होते हैं जैसे निर्माता, लेखक, निर्देशक, कास्टिंग डायरेक्टर, संगीतकार, कॉस्टयूम डिजाइनर, कैमरामैन, डेकोरेटर आदि। ऐसा हर कार्यक्रम एवं चैनल के साथ मान्य है। इन सभी कलाकारों का व्यय निर्माता कैसे उठाएगा? चैनल वाले की कमाई कैसे होगी? इन सभी सवालों का जवाब इन सवालों में ही निहित है।

अब हम आते हैं मूल शीर्षक ‘विज्ञापन’ पर। उपर्युक्त सभी प्रश्नों का जवाब विज्ञापन ही है। विज्ञापन ना महज किसी समाज या मुल्क का, बल्कि पूरे संसार में मुद्रा के प्रसार का एक बेशकीमती स्त्रोत है। किसी भी प्रोडक्ट के विज्ञापन में, चाहे वह साबुन, शैंपू, लिपस्टिक, हेयर डाई आदि कॉस्मेटिक सामान का हो या फिर डेरी मिल्क, किटकैट, एक्ट ll पॉपकॉर्न, मसाले, आटे या अन्य किसी खाघ या भोज्य पदार्थ का हो, किसी प्रकार के कपड़े की ब्रांड का हो, इन सब में पसंदानुसार विज्ञापनकर्ताओं को किसी प्रिंट या इलेक्ट्रॉनिक मीडिया को अच्छा खासा रोकड़ा देना पड़ता है। इससे ही लोगों तक यह भ्रांति फैलती है कि फलाँने वस्तु की बड़ी मांग है। यह निश्चित ही सबसे उत्तम वस्तु है।

भारत का क्रिकेट बोर्ड बीसीसीआई विश्व का सबसे अमीर क्रिकेट बोर्ड माना जाता है और भारत के क्रिकेटर्स सबसे रईस क्रिकेटर्स। क्रिकेट बोर्ड के पास इतना राजस्व आता कहां से है? सभी एथलीट अरबों में कैसे खेल जाते हैं? पर्दे के पीछे कार्य करने वाले सभी को वेतन कैसे मिल जाता है? सिर्फ दर्शकों के टिकट के पैसों से अगर ऐसा होता तो तमाम क्रिकेट बोर्ड इस लॉक डाउन में खाली मैदानों में मुकाबले कराने की कल्पना भी नहीं करते। खेल बोर्डों को भी खजाना ऐडों से ही मिलता है। यहां मामला उलट है। तमाम टीवी चैनलों में होड़ रहती है खेलों का प्रसारण देने के लिए। जिसकी अपने आप में ही बहुत मांग हो वह भला विज्ञापन क्यों देना चाहेगा…उसे पागल कुत्ते ने थोड़े ही काटा है। उदाहरण के तौर पर क्रिकेट लीग आईपीएल को ही ले लीजिए। हर साल ‘सोनी मैक्स’ चैनल क्रिकेट बोर्ड को इसके प्रसारण के अधिकार लेने के लिए मोटी रकम देता है, जिसे फिर हर ओवर के बाद वही एक सिर पकाऊ ऐड देने के लिए कंपनियां बहुत रोकड़ा देती हैं। इससे ही तो उस चैनल का खर्चा चलता है और वह अपने यहां नौकरी करने वाले कर्मचारियों को वेतन देने के बावजूद लाभ उठा पाता है। ऐसा सभी चैनलों के साथ मान्य है।

हाल ही में ‘दूरदर्शन’ पर प्रसारित होने वाली रामानंद महासागर की रामायण को आंकड़ों के मुताबिक पूरी दुनिया में लगभग 7.7 करोड़ लोगों ने देखकर नया कीर्तिमान स्थापित किया। उन लोगों ने इस बीच आने वाले विज्ञापनों को भी देखा ही होगा। तमाम विज्ञापनकर्ताओं ने चैनल वाले को कितनी रकम दी होगी जिससे उनका खर्चा भी चल गया और ऐडकर्ताओं के प्रोडक्ट की ब्रांड वैल्यू भी बढ़ गई और लोगों को उन्हें खरीदने के लिए जरूरी ट्रिगर भी मिल गया। हालांकि इस बार ‘दूरदर्शन’ को ‘रामायण’ के पुनः प्रसारण के लिए रकम अदा नहीं करनी पड़ी।

कुल मिलाकर विज्ञापनों का भी अपना ही महत्व है। चाहें वो टीवी पर हो या समाचार पत्रों में, चुनावों में खड़े नेताओं द्वारा हो या स्कूलों और कोचिंग सेंटरों में बच्चों की भीड़ लगाने के लिए हो। अर्थव्यवस्था की एक लंबी चेन है जिसमें हर किसी को एक दूसरे का सहयोग करना ही पड़ता है।

Human’s natural instinct


“Corona what do you do. Show some clemency on the world.” It is the voice of the cosmos  via my quivering throat. Each nation is groaning with anquish. It’s the human instinct. “If you do the same, what’ll be the difference between you two. It’s the deference for others that contrasts human with other communities”, I said in hallucination.

“Don’t worry I’ll not fall to that extent and I can’t even if I try even. For me they seem to be huuuuge giants and I am too small for their nude eyes to see me. The entire world is the soothsayer and it is indeed the sooth that anyone can foretell that the human race will win the battle. I’m just testing his ‘patience’, experiencing incessant deflation not with time but with machines. Each century, I sent some of my relatives and at times colleagues to beware them; they sought their existence, which we being benevolent granted them; didn’t we?? But after handling a little, fostering their veins with ecstasy of triumph, humans returned to the old configuration.”

Humans are taking god at sport considering demise as evitable. Only it has made conditions favorable for the ill-programmed microorganisms having antipathy for them. This pandemic has attacked the impulsive nature of men that does not let them alienated from each other. China, America’s successor, is very good at launching at speed of Formula 1, but this time it is altruistic enough to take the credit of its most durable item and the most expensive too.

Everyone, more correct everything for neutral human gender, wants itself to be the superlative degree adjective in good things, set by their own. Kasier William in this attempt led to First World War whose consequences were havoc all over. The sufferers copulated and reproduced a zygote of Second World War, nourished by placenta of jury judging the farmers sowing the seeds of nationalism against internationalism. The most powerful nation ended it in chaos with annihilation following Einstein’s theory.

Nature finds its own ways to checkmate humans accomplishing in white matter of brain, one who is not ready to acknowledge its debacle. It manufactures new methods of bowing down his hubris, with each past one outdated by this excellent mammal.  This time Mr. India has come with additional features that were absent in SARS- COV 1. Firstly, it does not undergo genetic mutation making vaccine origination an easy task. Secondly, mixed dilemma of worse and worst , it seldom does not show any symptom. Thirdly, if it does show symptom, it does not contrast between individuals of human blood.

Few adjectives need not to be placed before a noun as it will just work as a superfluous. Wet water, warm heat, heavy diamond, difficult rocket science, “Khurapati” human and rebooting action of nature are some such superfluouses. In the race of expertise, human has successfully moulded things as per his purport to savour each and every moment of his enterprise. Have your pinna ever perceived vibrations of sun rising from west, albeit it never rises or sets, dog’s straight tail or ecofriendly China?, then how can the omnipotent power not be prudent in creating his masterpiece?

This world is a tower of networks of networks with earth as its most capable inheritance and humans many tends to infinity gigabytes CPU memory super computers. When these robots exceeds the limit of artificial intelligence, it gets hanged with virus attack and sometimes even gets demagnetized with chip removed by the omniwhere. The dismayed robots nevertheless somehow manage their existence. They think that they possess the alchemic power to hoax god by creating elixir of life. Does this automation possess the brainy quotient of growing a tree in a glass bulb (abode in vacuum). If no, it is the time of getting alarmed before its consequences become desolating.


Undesired dreams

treeeeeeeeeen! “Close the alarm”
“Its the ring of a call” I said with my eyes trying hard to open.

“Then pick it up”, my bed fellow said with unfeigning frustration.
Hardly had I fumbled for my specs and glared the wall clock when it almost rang for around 15 times. There were rumours omniwhere that for the past few years I was never seperated with my roommate cum my senior Ravi for more than a few hours. I decided that I will blow out on the sinister calling at 1 a.m

“+44”, my first word with eyes and mouth almost gaped simultaneously.

Leaving behind the sloth snail I galloped across as if a bull tonic is inserted into my arteries as often happens in Chhota Bheem and my adrenal worked better looking forward my anxiety.

“ICJ’S decision ran in opposion to what Pakistan expected.” With a slight sigh “If not Jadhav then let it be Pravav”, I said panting almost incessantly.

“Stop making ominous conjectures and its just your hallucination.”, I uttered out to myself as a consolance.
I realised my high Oxford words making Ravi uncomfortable. Nevertheless with some doubt, he said something robustly

“As much as I can remember Pakistan is ’92′”.

“Then it may be Syria.”

“It is +9043.”

Any unprogrammed brain could have extolled such a relativistic response.Since childhood Ravi has always disillusioned me with his retort. His unsuccessful inferences often led me in trouble. For readers it is of acquisition that international call code of Syria is +963.

“Hello”, I could not realise when my hands allowed him pillaging my cell phone.
Some damped vibrations less than 20 Hz collided my ear drum.


No gap between systole and diastole.It hit me harder than the head of frozen lamb. Blood gushed through my arteries like a warp drive launched from Sriharikota.
“Cut the connection else doctors will say sorry for us”
“Oh! not Korea, it’s London”, that mania said in a low voice.
Last few seconds were like a 15th century person is on searching life on another planet.It was an interrogative clause which sounded imperative. It is a transgression to ask a murderer if he has done anything wrong. I doubted his good sense for even a psycho knows it well that an ox averses red colour.

“Is this the tymm to call? Is your country still depended on sundial?”
Then he used famous street ‘gaalis’ like “………”even my pen reluctants here.

Common Sense

You do not have common sense.What actually is common sense? It is an indelible interrogative clause, that comes across my mind deliberately and it seems to remain unanswered. As much as I can think of, we have limited everything to prerequisite as if there is only one way of doing it. Let me relate you an incident. I was studying in class 4 when one day my class teacher decreed me to efface the blackboard .There were two entirely different questions written on either side. I simply rubbed the right side of the board and stood straight with chest stranded with dignity as I didn’t erase the board but the chalk adhered on it and even used the duster for the purpose. Even then I became a victim of his chides. The rage in his eyes refracted easily into my pupil and reflected back as trepidation.”Have you any common sense?”, my phonic nerves shuddered. I rued and beseeched for my fault. None of my colleagues advocated me and as a repentance and penitence I was made to write the whole on the green board as much as my optical nerve could sense.

Abdur, a ten year boy,hardly attended by his future tiger parents, broke his femur bone while executing a stunt seen in spaciously fictional and animated Balveer on Sab Television.Despite having law of solitary punishment on a flaw, he had to bear up trauma with disparage,from remarkable surroundings, of lacking intellect, what in common and in common words is known as common sense. There may be limit of lusts and universe but craziness.

In draught constraint area, where farmers were bemoaning burial of crops and no vegetation cover begged mercy.Next day none of them but one went with an umbrella irrespective of clean weather.I ask you all— Was he really insane? Certainly not. In sooth he was not a hypocrite and was ridiculed for having faith.

A man, having crossed puberty,congenitally twice half blind fortunately had a successful cornea transplantation and was more than blissful to see stars,furniture which he now want to remain away from ,attires,roads,dogs incapable of meowing,horn producing vehicles refraining him from moving outside alone, clouds whose shape absolutely unrecognizable even in delirium, his parents and foremost himself for the first time. This himself, a reflexive pronoun, has hauteur. Notwithstanding it man was considered ecstatic and maniac.

Basically common sense is the knack for doing things as they are, and doing them as they ought to be done. But as per me there is nothing like good sense but the era disparity. If it were not so a well accomplished individual of early 70’s or 80’s could have been more prudent. All over it is the sequel of accustomed to.


We always pretend to be what we never were, are or want to be in future.We always have some fear in our mind which do not let us do what we actually want to do.The society has made several boundations that an individual of a particular age is bound to encounter the endeavors which is unhealthy for its liver for having no juice of interest or significance for him. Howsoever vitality it may hold, loses acquisition due to scarce interest and the head can never held high with dignity.
Nowadays, everyone is an external indicator and acts as per stimulus. We have become so impulsive that rage and enthusiasm have become synonyms of each other. When it comes to disparge others, self positive catalysation takes place and offence is our apparel, no matter the victim is wrongly belied or not. Putting others down in a war of wit is worth celebrating a banquet and is no lesser than chest stranded by acts of chivalry. All these traits are given an eminent name ‘Attitude’ or ‘Ego’ and the ones having it are exalted for this attribute being considered necessary for success in contemporary world. More an individual is acquainted with making slanders, the percentage of reaching the summit rises. It is a human nature that everyone is enticed by luxury or rest, howsoever wise he or she may become. Even the most industrious minds, thought of rest in recuse or alienation forgetting that it is in sooth lethal. It is evident in studies that a person cannot have quick wit and high intelligence quotient simultaneously. From the excerpts of the Stefen Hawking’s “The Sunday Telegraphs”, the fact that- ‘more complex the brain is, more it is intelligent’ has got relavance and we pretend to be both at the same time. Scientific researches also prove than an earthworm has more white matter than the perplexity of the circuit of computers. The speed as well as perplexity of computers has an inflation at full pelt, which is alarming as well as ominous, for the human DNA has no significant change in the past 10,000 years. The day is not far enough when it will lead to totalirian world order and dictatorship and consequently havoc all over. At the end, only pretendence will be left echoing.


Persistence of happiness, a very ridiculous thing to the same extent as we say that a snake has taken a resolution that its hood will release honeydew ,as much as I can think of is dependent on internal factors. A question that occationally penetrates my cerebellum harder than X-rays is that what is the essence of birth, its entire cycle and ultimately demise- an inevitable part. It may be because we are obstinate to go against god- our true characterisation to play the part of a clown and we are avid to make it hectic. We all are the messangers of god are here for a specific purpose. Despite knowing the purity of soul, we adorn ourselves with contemptuousness for others. None of our selves is malfunctioning, only the dermis has been contaminated with ambidextrous morals and avarice of materialistic wealth.

Everyone is darting to become acclaimed and prolific successful to lead a happy life. Is success the limitation of happiness? Each first person has a race of proving itself better to the third person. The aeon is 20 billion years old while we are just 2 million years old. A gleam of sunshine, the incense of flowers, the chirping of birds, the fragrance of wet sand are some of the things that can bring a smile on our face. To be there in all odds and evens and in every situation is something which consoles and strengthens us by abstaining us from being diffident. Hunger of commendations on carrying out any esteemed job is quite natural. Deficit of appreciation lowers our enthusiasm for our next predetermined endeavors.

A kid has no emotional attachment with one particular thing. One day it may have a craving of chocolates, the other day acute loathing for it. Likewise we are so impulsive that get fascinated by whatever charming come across us. Suppose a child has love for toy horse and it is eventually broken. With it he’ll start sobbing unless coaxed by something else. I think innocence is the happiest phase of our life as neither we expect anything from ourselves nor others do.


Motivation versus passion

“The appendix is assaulted by a 0.451 inches full metal jacket bullet” said the forensic examiner after scrutinizing the corpse. “His head must have been mauled by a frozen lamb”, uttered while rubbing the remnant amongst his middle fingers.
The so précised approximation was stored somewhere in my brain corpuscles and let me contemplate over swapping my place with him.

 It is after so many days that I was lying down on the bed with my back touching the pillow held against the top extended part of it. For so long; from burning of magnesium flares and fireworks to the arrival of vernal equinox with ideas of rejuvenation and resurrection; my neck had been constantly nodding up and down and get sting at the clock and trying to match pace with my hands. I had several naps irrespective of stubborn avoidance and washing my face at short lapses, but today my eyes have no symptom of drowsiness. This day is marked as the end of my 10th boards.

The iterative flashbacks of the heroic encounter of the Sixer king in the quarterfinal against Australia after blood vomit made a laser penetration in me.
As I was turning on channels and surfed to the news , the launching of G-SAT8 by a space organization tantalized me. The waft of glass of the window due to gusts of wind forced me to get out of the blanket .  The echo of airplane followed by a meteor further mesmerized me and apprised something to my sensory nerve.

Today, I have a misconception that I have understood the contrasts between career and carrier and that career is not to be carried it is to be lived. We take it as a professional course and need motivation from time to time. Do the MLAs , our PM and the cabinet ministers feel desertless at times of question hour or zero hour or Modi sir is apprehensioned before making bill a law. I dont think he even prepares a draft before summoning the common people.

A boy belonging to a kwashiorkor family, no inherent gene of sportsmanship, was never taught how to offend or defend or make a banana kick to the goal post . This superstar who was once on the verge of demise by a hole in his heart is never succumed, and is today playing for Juventus after making unbreakable records for Madrid for several eras. Did he ever need stimulation? He is accustomed to entrepreneurship and adorn himself with adversities.

If Mark Jukerberg needed provocation, he could never have been able to do what he has done. Encrypt a code at one moment ,watching movie the other and be a vagrant at other times. This is not the case with what we are passionate. The Radcliffe border line has thirst of the blood of the Pakistani soldiers and is avid of Pulwama,the surgical strike.

Dr. Siddhartha Kumail, a prominent cardiologist and surgeon in AIIMS turned out introvert after losing his brother in a sudden heart attack under his own surveillance. He was ailing from cholesterol. Hardly, he was left out of affinity of relations when he plunged into eruditic research of the adipose tissues. Incessantly adulteration of drugs, with no gleam of hope or support, finally evolved an ecofriendly evergreen medicine. In short, if we are pondering too much in ensuing a vocation, it is in sooth the one we are not accomplished in.


Hunger sees none…

Not continuously but continually the heavy downpour since morning led me to change my attires with no fatigue or lassitude. It must be the retreating one causing so for the South-West traversed parallel to the Aravalis with little showers. Unnecessarily so much thinking being a science student is ominous.

The avid lust of having succulous  Italian supper of restaurant abstained me from fortitude and my obstinate behavior was annoying my mom in surplus. I was again and again peeping via the large aperture of door like a rabbit in its burrow trying to escape from a lion waiting outside.  

The flow of streams reminded me of scarce seasonal rainfall this year irrespective of low pressure in the Northern plains. The incence of wet soil is always enticing for anyone. The drizzling at one instant and hail storms the other was like adding sugar to jaggery. The dribbling of drops off the leaves of trees was simply a perfusion of sunshine off panes of window. The reflection of stones from ravines mingled with faeces almost baffled the odor of silt.

Hardly, I was in catnap, leaking with wrath for not having even a morsel when a humming sound wave reached my eardrum. I ignored it unless it encored itself. After several rehearsals, an acquainted noise stimulated my white matter to respond. “Just pick up the phone, it is rin…”. I could not dare to abandon her call, in all sense.

Many conjectures at higher pelt than lightning spark moidered my walnut shaped brain. In no time I darted across the staircase to pick up the phone enchanting the almighty that lamenting news should not come. The lewd hands of clock sojourned for a while as if praying  for the silence for the timing was 2 am. It is the time when a person of any society whether chivalric or rogue, accustomed to any routine would not make a call.

With my eyes half open I saw a lout strapping number of 15-16 digits that put me in dialemma. “It is an encrypted number”, the first thought in uneasiness. As I was to pick it up, 0049  bounced iteratively somewhere in me to pioneer up Sunder Pichai. An ectasy of fumbling was intensified in me so long I saw Berlin below it. Throttling my efforts, my mother pulled up the phone seizing all the thrills in one go.

“Hello!”, …,

“Mrs. Agarwal, how are you, I was free…so”

“Are you insane or what? Are you alienated, estranged? Don’t you have any sense, a clock on your wall; even a pendulum or sundial would not offer a sanction or consent. You scoundrels do nothing in sunshine and play bluffs when others are multiplying embryo into foetus.”

“Sorry, I’ll call you tomorrow, nevertheless I am Mr. Oberoy your Ex. maid from Germany..”

With remorse in heart but not coming to lips in self-respect:

“Where were you for so long, we did try to make know of you and put a new one replaci..”   

“Ok but, Is this the time?”

“I did not remember the time zones difference called GMT and all”. With your blessings  and your amen to my wishes, today I am a prolific shelf of a 7-star restaurant and is perpetually winning commendations. My successful invented recipes are promoting me to fly with wings denser than air.”

Listening to all this our chest held outside leaving behind our neck. Outside, the drizzling drops at one instant off leaves and hail storms the other was like adding sugar to jaggery and it seemed nature also saying hallo.

“Likewise one of my chums is there for some dish presentation test. I have sent  you my masterpiece to have it if  you don’t mind.”

Taking down some saliva of  the bronchi channel of my watered mouth I rushed galloping, so zig zag that beneath, across, alongside… no conjunction to express with only one interjection “hurraaaah!”

Indolence in blood

It is something that dialated my eyes even though I was in sunshine for around 38 minutes and I needed a seismometer for my quake in sitting position startled my neighbours. It was this news, while reading a newspaper one morning, that coerced me to sit crossed legs on my prats from squating position.

“An incredible record -23rd gold medal for the swimming icon”.  

Many thoughts bewildered at full pelt in my mind in one go. 31 years of age, already 18 gold medals in stockpile, sevenfold thrived personality, yet inflation in prurience at a differential rate at limit tends to infinity. How he maintains his craving and refrains himself from overwhelming? This reflexive pronoun needs no identity. He is none but the gallant chap who aided in vindicating its nation by being at the top of the points table.

The mass productor of coffee had made this year, in 2016, a blanket of prominence around Rio de Janerio, for summer Olympics being held there. This freak of mettle and ready to celebrate a banquet is our ideal and idol Michael Phelps, who no doubt has added an additional page in history. He is perhaps the all time monarch of our heart.

Why the people at summit never lose the urge to attain more? These forceful perplexive thoughts enforced me to ponder on the legend’s spur and I reached the epilogue that they foster themselves with odds and evens. Enterprise flows through their arteries and indolence their veins.