We always pretend to be what we never were, are or want to be in future.We always have some fear in our mind which do not let us do what we actually want to do.The society has made several boundations that an individual of a particular age is bound to encounter the endeavors which is unhealthy for its liver for having no juice of interest or significance for him. Howsoever vitality it may hold, loses acquisition due to scarce interest and the head can never held high with dignity.
Nowadays, everyone is an external indicator and acts as per stimulus. We have become so impulsive that rage and enthusiasm have become synonyms of each other. When it comes to disparge others, self positive catalysation takes place and offence is our apparel, no matter the victim is wrongly belied or not. Putting others down in a war of wit is worth celebrating a banquet and is no lesser than chest stranded by acts of chivalry. All these traits are given an eminent name ‘Attitude’ or ‘Ego’ and the ones having it are exalted for this attribute being considered necessary for success in contemporary world. More an individual is acquainted with making slanders, the percentage of reaching the summit rises. It is a human nature that everyone is enticed by luxury or rest, howsoever wise he or she may become. Even the most industrious minds, thought of rest in recuse or alienation forgetting that it is in sooth lethal. It is evident in studies that a person cannot have quick wit and high intelligence quotient simultaneously. From the excerpts of the Stefen Hawking’s “The Sunday Telegraphs”, the fact that- ‘more complex the brain is, more it is intelligent’ has got relavance and we pretend to be both at the same time. Scientific researches also prove than an earthworm has more white matter than the perplexity of the circuit of computers. The speed as well as perplexity of computers has an inflation at full pelt, which is alarming as well as ominous, for the human DNA has no significant change in the past 10,000 years. The day is not far enough when it will lead to totalirian world order and dictatorship and consequently havoc all over. At the end, only pretendence will be left echoing.

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